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When you add our Expert Determination clause to your contract, you collect 100% of what clients owe and prevent litigation and arbitration. It's free if you win the dispute.

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Did You Know? You Can:

Avoid lawsuits and arbitration by mandating expert determination as your contracts’ dispute resolution mechanism. Use it for contract breach, negligence, and other tort claims.

Fixing Dispute Resolution

by replacing litigation and arbitration with Expert Determination


Dispute Without Smarter Contract

  1. Get a letter threatening a lawsuit.

  2. Pay your attorney for consultation.

  3. Try to negotiate a possibly unfair settlement.

  4. Receive a summons.

  5. Answer the summons with your attorney.

  6. File motions with your attorney.

  7. Go through depositions with your attorney.

  8. Hire expert witnesses.

  9. Deal with delays.

  10. Pay your attorney for expensive days in court.

  11. Go through an appeal, possibly.

  12. Pay a judgement if you lose.


Dispute With Smarter Contract

  1. Pay a refundable expert determination fee.

  2. Share files and answer questions, without your attorney.

  3. If you win, get a refund of the fee.

  4. If you lose, make an expert-determined payment.

Use Cases

Smarter Contract’s expert determination can prevent and resolve disputes in virtually any contract

Professional Malpractice

The validity of malpractice claims can be resolved quickly and conclusively by a licensed architect.  If the defined standard of care is met, no liability or expense is incurred.


If an employee claims wrongful termination, that matter can be determined with finality by an employment expert.  Meritless complaints disappear.

Service Contracts

Clients and service providers will know that payment will occur if and only if contractual requirements are met, and with the possibility of partial payment.

Crowdfunding with Integrity

Funders will believe that promoters will be penalized for dishonesty and will satisfy the promises they make because they will be penalized for non-compliance.


Sellers must not fear fraudulent customer chargebacks that they cannot win. Transaction fees should only be applied to sellers or buyers who are at fault.

High value Assets

Buyers require options to pay over time. Sellers will easily recover their assets if the purchase price is to be paid over time, but is underpaid.


Why implement Smarter Contract’s expert determination language

  • It has been implemented in the architecture industry. Read the case study.
  • Having an intermediary to select experts in your industry reduces the appearance of bias.
  • We keep experts anonymous, which reduces their liability and hence the fees they charge.
  • Implementing our language is free.
  • Read more reasons.

Get the Expert Determination Clause

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