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Get Paid for Your Expert Opinion

Experts decide matters of fact that are in dispute within a contractual relationship.

  • Competitive Fees
  • No calls or meetings
  • Work any time of day
  • Learn how to avoid disputes in your own practice
  • Sign up without commitment
Liability Protection:
  1. The disputing parties will not know your identity, and Smarter Contract will agree not to disclose your identity to them. Therefore, they are unable to bring a lawsuit against you.
  2. No information about you is shared publicly.
  3. Your liability for a project is contractually limited to the fees you receive for the project.
Necessary Qualifications:
  • Professional licensure
  • 10 Years of Experience
How it Works
  1. When a case becomes available, you are asked whether you are interested.
  2. If you are, you sign a contract.
  3. Your fee is received by Smarter Contract Inc.
  4. You receive materials to review.
  5. You engage in written discussion with the disputing parties for a fixed number of days. The discussion is not live, not in person, and anonymous.
  6. By following written instructions provided to you, you make a determination of fact and provide a written explanation of how you arrived at it.
  7. Your explanation is reviewed to ensure instructions were followed.
  8. You receive your fee.

Get Paid for Your Expert Opinion

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